Welcome to BJC Medical Group, where physicians can build a rewarding practice at every stage of their careers. Listen to our physicians talk about why they chose BJC Medical Group.

Video Transcript

Marlon Marquino, MD

Family Medicine
Sullivan, MO

  • I started with BJC right after residency in 2007
  • I chose BJC Medical Group because as a fresh resident just coming out of training you want to be in a practice where you don’t want to deal with the management of the practice, you just want to see patients
  • BJC Medical Group since they are a well experienced group dealing with a lot of physician practice. I was assured of that.
  • I was convinced and I was confident that they can manage my practice and let me just see patients.
  • For someone just coming out of residency it has been a challenging but very rewarding experience for me being with BJC Medical Group.

Christopher Kuebrich, MD

Family Medicine
Alton, IL

  • I started working for BJC Medical Group in September of 2006.
  • When my wife and I moved back from New Orleans we looked at different opportunities, I knew I wanted to come home to Alton.
  • I interviewed with the different groups in Alton and BJC was one of them.
  • At the time I thought they were the best opportunity for me.
  • They allowed me to start my own practice and to design it the way I wanted it to be designed.
  • They were cutting edge with electronic medical records and I felt that was important for me.
  • One of the interesting things for BJC is they have such wide name recognition that they attract a large pool of candidates for ancillary staff.
  • I was able to hire excellent ancillary staff.
  • BJC also lends support with a business analyst who helps me make changes that are necessary to stay as profitable as possible.
  • BJC does that for you and allows you to come in risk free and get experience working as a physician outside of residency and they also allow you to concentrate on seeing patients and not have to worry about the business aspects of practice.

Sherry Shuman, MD

St. Louis, MO

  • I am a physician working for BJC Medical Group.
  • I am a practicing rheumatologist.
  • I practice here. My career has been here for a very long time.
  • I have been in private practice for about 14 years here at BJC.
  • What really attracted me to my current practice were the individual physicians that I would be working with.
  • The quality of doctors that you associate with is the most important aspect in a practice.
  • You need to make sure that you feel comfortable with their skill. That’s what I found at BJC Medical Group.
  • They help us with OSHA regulations and CLEO regulations.
  • Most recently what they’ve allowed us to do is go to electronic health records. That’s something as a private practitioner in a solo or small group practice I would never be able to afford.
  • We have a variety of practice opportunities
  • This is a terrific way to spend a career.

Wherever you are in your journey toward a fulfilling career in medicine we invite you to look at what BJC Medical Group has to offer

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